About Us


Leapledge technologies specialises in custom built Financial Services Solutions for both Public sector and private sector organisations. Our experience spans Data Management and Biometric Based Security and Validation Systems, Pensions and Insurance Solutions, Human Resource Management Systems and Integrated Enterprise Solutions. We have leveraged these platforms to assist our clients drive growth, efficiency and bottom line in unprecedented ways. Why not leverage our expertise today?

Technology is a core enabler in today’s business and every organisation that must scale in this fast paced digital age must employ best in class tools. The pace of advancement is so dizzying that even the best of executives will find it difficult to keep abreast let alone be ahead of the curve. At leapledge we take that burden off you by helping you through the maze every step of the way, helping you build strong business value that will keep you ahead of the pack. We leverage our experience, best practice and cutting edge technology tools to help you exceed those Strategic Business Goals.

Public Sector Leaders at every level are tackling challenges of today and tomorrow assisted by Leapledge Technologies Professionals. We have partnered at many levels to reduce cost of Service Delivery or Governance by applying technology tools in such areas as Cleaning Payroll, Validation of Employee Status, Building efficiencies through deployment of Government Integrated Information Management systems. Our Solutions has also been applied extensively in harmonizing and strengthening Governance in Government Collection schemes leading to tremendous improvement revenue generation capabilities of our clients.