Digital Payments

Our Digital Payments expertise helps our customers navigate through the complex world of payments related financial services. We provide expertise and partnerships in areas of traditional as well as latest payment processing technologies by complementing our clients existing capabilities and thus help them achieve their business goals.

Process Digitization

We help Companies and Government meet the expectations of their publics by assisting them Digitize their business processes. We guide them beyond simply automating their existing processes to reinventing the entire business process including cutting the number of steps required, reducing the document load , developing automated decision making grids without compromising Regulatory and Security Standards. We realise that digitization often requires that old wisdom be combined with new skills and we can work together to make work fun.

Cards and E-Commerce Ecosystem

With the rapid advancement in Online Payments Processing and Electronic Payment Technologies; the importance of payment cards acceptance for profitable online business has never been more compelling. E-Commerce Organisations require a Knowledgeable and Experienced partner to guide their choices of payment service providers who understand the technology stack that powers the ecosystem. Leapledge Technologies can help your company navigate the murky waters of online payment acceptance and processing and help you expand your card acceptance footprint, Improve your overall sales and manage all the associated risk. Why not contact us today?

Data Management

Understanding all the various technology options available to manage and protect an ever growing list of data sources has made it increasingly difficult for IT professionals responsible for their organisations data protection technology decisions move forward with their initiatives. Why not discuss with us today to assist you create higher visibility and insight making it easy for you to quickly and efficiently determine where your data lives and who is responsible for it.

Digital Financial Services

We provide solid Strategy and Research Capabilities in customer and market insight if the DFS space. Our experience includes Market and Competitive Intelligence, Customer Segmentation, Partnership Strategy, Risk and Regulatory Advisory. We also provide road to market advisory through Product Development and Product Roadmaps, Liquidity Management, Commissions and Pricing Strategy, Agent Network Rollout and Management.